Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day 101 // Long Weekend in Pai

I found myself drawn back to this paradisal town every day after my first visit back in July, and was looking forward to the long weekend in August to come back one more time. For the 4 day weekend, I met up with some friends from my orientation group that I hadn't seen since May, including my roommate for the first week, Josie. The bond you make with these people in one short week in Bangkok is truly special, and you are guaranteed to have a hell of a time with them no matter where you adventure.

We heard of a waterfall that would take about 4 hours round trip from our bungalow and all set out in the forest. The walk was nothing short of spectacular. The forests of Pai are filled with lush trees in every shade of green your eyes can savor, a continuous murmur of the waterfall's run off, and a symphonic buzzing of giant insects.

Despite the photo that makes him look fairly average in size, this spider was easily as big a dinner plate.

My nausea from seeing the biggest spider I've ever seen in my life was overwhelmed by wonder as I watched him wrap up his prey in his web and start to eat it. One of the many times in the hike I felt lucky enough to be experiencing the things I've only dreamt of when I would watch Planet Earth or read National Geographic. It reminded me to always marvel at how beautiful our world is.

My Birkenstocks took quite the beating and didn't survive the hike. You will be missed.

Pai Canyon gave a beautiful view of the valley and even allowed a brave few to trek down the orange dirt pathway for a better look.

Our waterfall endeavor wound up successful! Just at another waterfall that didn't require hours of searching. We cooled off in the chilly water and sat on the rocks enjoying each others company.

Silly group. Thanks for a great weekend guys.

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