Thursday, August 28, 2014

What it ACTUALLY costs to be a teacher abroad / A month of logging purchases

After writing my post about what it costs to be a teacher in Thailand, I was dubious of my math and where my money actually went. So for the past month I've logged every single purchase, a interesting and insightful habit I no doubt got from my father, from the 1st of August to payday (which was early this month). It's quite fascinating to see where all your money goes, especially in a foreign country.

Looks like my estimation of about 11,000 for the absolute necessities was offset by my overwhelming desire to buy beautiful trinkets (including some expensive boots, a scarf, and a purse) and a bottle of Campari for myself. I took out the previously mentioned items on a side bar showing the expenses of the month without them to show a more realistic amount of money spent (because they totaled to about 7000 baht...oof).

August 9 - 12 I spent in Pai and there was no mercy to my spending... I figured it would be my last time in the beautiful artsy city, so bought everything I wished to bring home and remember.

So as you can see, my estimation was a tad off. I will explain though that this month I was quite frivolous with my spending as I have developed more of a mindset of buying things that I can bring home that will remind me of this trip. A lot of teachers may spread that over their 6 months, or years here...and I did most of it in August (hence the frighteningly high shopping category).
Also, some teachers may try and save money while they are here... which is totally doable. Even putting a couple thousand baht away every month can definitely add up at the end of your trip.

While there is a canteen that gives me my meals for free (and I theoretically shouldn't have spent 4000+ baht on dining out...), some of my best experiences are trying new restaurants and exotic dishes in town.  I also missed a few laundry trips in this chart. Oops. 

Hope this helps people to see where most of your money will go when you are in this beautiful country!

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