Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 16 // Surviving the first Days of School

Living in Thailand is rapidly growing on me.

Maybe it's the fact I've learned to order "not spicy" food in Thai (mai phet), maybe it's because I can afford everything, maybe it's the sweet monsoons that have cooled down the oppressive weather, or maybe it's the children.

I've found a cafe of my dreams.

Thai Iced Tea at Chivit Thamma Da

Pastry counter at Chivit Thamma Da

Fireplace at Chivit Tamma Da

My school is beautiful, and has a perfect view of the sunset every night. 

Princess Chulabhorn's College at Chiang Rai

The market half a mile away from school has some amazing tea, coffee, and fresh foods. 

The walk home is littered with beautiful greenery and adorable homes.

 And did I mention how beautiful the school is?

Small temple by the front of school.

Front of school.

Students shoes, they have to take them off every time they go inside. It's the most precious sight to see a couple hundred shoes lying everywhere!

All I can say is the every day is showing me something new about my time here in Thailand, especially about who I am as a person.

I am stubborn, I like routine, I am cranky, I am imbalanced, I hate the heat, I hate language barriers, I don't like spicy food, and I don't like change. 

But it's amazing what happens when you are thrown into a world where all of the things that make you comfortable are taken away because you wanted them to be. The change becomes your new comfort. I have become less of all the things listed above, although slowly (it's only been two weeks). But I already see a change, and it is reflected in the new developing love I have for myself.

A lesson on adapting is good for everyone. Two weeks in and I can live in 100+ degree humid as hell weather, teach a bunch of Thai children with absolutely no qualifications to do so. While I may have cried for almost 3 days at the beginning thinking I can't, I got back up. And because of that, I think I can do pretty much anything.

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