Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 22 // Emma and Laila

I had the overwhelming pleasure of spending nearly 4 days with my bestest friend in the world, Emma Terry, and meeting her gypsy travel buddy Laila. These two women continued to surprise me over the short time we spent together with their generosity, radiant energy, and sheer joy they brought to every moment.

On monday evening they met me at my school with a "surprise" for me. They lugged heavy backpacks and bags onto my bed and revealed two gallons of "Arizona Desert" paint, brushes, and rollers. Knowing how dreary and sad my room is with it's pale blue serial killer walls covered with sticker remnants and dirt, they came to paint my room and give me a sacred space to live in. My whole soul just swelled with happiness and gratitude at this. How unbelievable kind and thoughtful these women are.

Before (::cue horror movie music::)

After. Radiant and filled with light!

I came home Tuesday afternoon to a clean room with warm colored walls greeting me and my two smiling sisters, showered and relaxing from a 2+ hour painting/decorating spree. I now have a shrine in the northeast corner of my room complete with rocks spray painted gold and my two elephant idols from my dear father and my good friend Emily Strichartz. 

I've never been one to think of the importance of having a "shrine," but being uprooted and moving so quickly to a new country really challenges your notions of feeling grounded and stable. A shrine of beautiful things, meaningful trinkets, or just a clean space that is important to you can provide an abundance of comfort. 

Amazing branch Laila suspended in the corner of my room to house all my jewelry.

Goddesses. Sending Love and Light to you two always. 

I tried to put into words how thankful I was for this gesture of love and kindness Emma and Laila did for me, but found myself being almost overbearing with how much I wanted to tell them "Thank you, thank you, thank you..."

The best way I can thank them is to pay it forward and practice this generous way of thinking. Harmony between people is radiant and bursting with life and love when we are genuinely kind and giving to each other. So thank you again, sisters. You two have given me a real home and a brand new set of intentions.


  1. That is just beautiful!!! I love the yellow room and the shrine and decor. Loving well is the way to live!!

  2. KATHY!!! I have been thinking about you and sending love your way :) Hope you are well !