Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 55 // English Camp

At the beginning, English Camp started off as a weekend requirement at some unknown location where we had little information about any of the goings on. But welcome to Thailand. If you start teaching here and think you will be able to give me a set schedule of your week (let alone day), then you will quickly learn otherwise.

Mai pen rai is a phrase used quite often here, meaning "no worries" and from what I've understood the Thai way to say Hakuna Matata. It's the end all way to respond to any questions about schedule changes and often will make your punctual and uptight American self even more irritated because how can we possible not know every single fact about everything going on in this school all of the time? Am I asking too much?! 

In case it's not obvious, I'm still getting used to the nonchalant attitude towards making/keeping plans and rarely knowing what will happen in the next 24 hours. 

Pardon my rant. 

English Camp brought out a lot of my frustrations with the Thai style of planning. Even today classes were cancelled, yet some of the teachers are asking around if we still have class, or if it is just M1's and M4's. No body knows whats going on and I'm constantly just pretending it doesn't bother me. 

As terribly annoying as it is, it is a constant reminder that everything changes, particularly your permanent schedule. My mind is still adapting to acquiring a relaxed attitude about these things, but my stubborn ways are not budging. Every day is a lesson in patience and adjustment. 

English Camp turned out to be a wonderful weekend, even though it felt like going to school for the whole weekend. We had the students separate into groups and pick a fairy tale, then spend the weekend creating a skit, song, and poster as well as doing activities in English. 

I had the purple group, who chose Peter Pan as their fairy tale. Thankfully I brought my hat and a bag of scarves that the students happily used as costumes for the skit. 

Thanks purple team for making me smile all weekend.

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