Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 43 // Weekend in Chiang Mai

We ventured to Chiang Mai this weekend, just a short 3 hour bus ride away from Chiang Rai. The few days were filled with wonderful company, new adventures, and some delicious food. 


Chiang Mai Zoo // It may have cost nearly $20 but it was a great way to spend 4 hours and have my camera almost eaten by a hippo

Exploring Chiang Mai // We spent the rest of the afternoon roaming around the streets of Old City and finding delicious food, then wrapping up the day at the Walking Street where I bought way too many scarves. 

Kao Soy, probably the most delicious thing I've had in Thailand so far

Crazy that I've known Max for 6+ years and here were are hanging out in Thailand!

Sunday Breakfast // Max picked me up from Old City the next morning and took me to his house where he and Sarah cooked me an outrageously delicious noodle dish for breakfast

Max's beautiful home

Wat Adventures // Max and Sarah showed me a beautiful wat nearby their house

The Cat Cafe // Not a place where you eat cats, but rather a cafe where you wait 20 minutes to get a cup of terrible coffee and play with 20 cats. Super weird. 

Aerial Practice in the Park // Rachael spent a few hours with an aerial performer Max when we ran into her and I gave the hoop a shot

Super comfortable. Or not.                                      Max, the aerial artist

What a natural!


  1. Hi! I've been thinking about using CIEE to go to Thailand next year and have been following your blog on their website. Do you have an email address or CIEE contact that I could use to ask you a few questions? I would love to hear some first-hand feedback about your experience before I commit myself to anything :)

  2. Of course! My email is amyskinner05@gmail.com, let me know about any questions you have I'd love to chat with you :)