Friday, April 18, 2014

Week Four of TEFL Courses // Packing up my whole life

This is what happens when you wait to do your homework, Amy.

I did another one of those procrastination binges in which I thought, I can do a whole weeks worth of reading and homework on a warm, sunny Sunday on the outdoor porch of a Tacoma brewery, sipping a beer. Well, 8 hours later I'm powering through three 750-word essays, the sky is no longer warm, and my sleepy eyes are straining for a few more hours of productivity. I manage to complete the assignment, but am battling whether I go to bed at 8pm or attend a small get together I was just invited to.

After putting myself back together, I arrive at a friends house for one of those adult social gatherings where I always thought you need to bring some sort of alcohol. My wine was welcomed by more beer in the fridge and no food. I forgot I hadn't eaten much that day. My skin was already radiating heat from all the sun it had soaked up earlier, and the house felt like it was doing the same. Once I imbibed in a few glasses of wine I felt like I was either having a hot flash or my body was preparing me for the Thailand climate that will be my home in a few short weeks. Once we walked outside to the car, the air outside wrapped her big chilly arms around me and I could take a deep breath. I blame my punctual 8 hour study date in the sun for giving me a pseudo heat stroke. And to top it all off I fueled the fire with some wine for dinner. Oops.

So far my pre-departure plans for Thailand are going well. 

My preparations for Thailand are going smoothly. I'm still preparing myself for some epic road block to show itself and laugh in my face, mocking me that this whole adventure has been evolving far too seamlessly. But as of now I feel righteously independent that I have financed (for the most part - thank you Nahna and Pop) this whole trip, and taken care of all the necessary steps on my own. It feels quite liberating.

Right now my apartment is half empty, with all my unnecessary crap in a 5x10 storage unit down the street. The simple, de-cluttered energy of my apartment is strangely soothing. I'm amazed at how many things I don't really need to exist comfortably. Hopefully when I return I'll feel the desire to not have as many material possessions, everyone goes through some spiritual transformation process when they travel that results in this, right?

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