Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week 5 of TEFL Classes / Official CIEE Blogger!

I have to admit, I breezed over the TEFL work for week five, partially because it was very logical to follow, and I'm freaking the hell out because I leave in ONE WEEK.

Create a lesson plan for a listening exercise for your students. Okay.
Create a lesson plan for a writing exercise for your students. Yup.

Seemed pretty self explanatory to me, and with the assigned reading I felt quite good about my proposed lesson plans. Maybe this whole teaching thing won't be as scary as I'm trying to make it.


In other news, I heard I will be an Official CIEE Blogger while in Thailand! I'll be featured on this website in the next coming weeks: www.ciee.org/teach/taught/thailand/blogs/

Looks like a new start to a writing world I never knew I could be a part of!

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