Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Visiting Tucson / Last Day at Work

I flew in to Tucson yesterday to have one last trip to see the parents and grandparents before I leave. I expected the sun to scorch my skin when I walked out of the airport, but to my surprise, it didn't. The desert greeted me with a gorgeous 70 degree bright and breezy day. It was the perfect welcome to my home state, and a lovely way to relax from all this pre-departure craziness in my head. Only 6 days until I fly to Bangkok. What the what??

The family is just wonderful. They always brighten my soul. Also, It is always the greatest thing in the world to get a loving home cooked meal from my parents. I tell you, I'll be missing that manicotti I had last night something fierce in a couple weeks here. 

My last day of work at Hilltop Kitchen was this past Saturday. I was actually quite emotional for me, even though I didn't articulate it too much. I was blessed enough to have a job where my coworkers and the owners expressed genuine care for me (albeit showing it through a continual rant of clever sarcasm). Never in my professional career did I experience anyone I work with sit down and tell me how much they enjoyed my presence and working with me, especially the business owner, all the while supporting my decision to leave for Thailand. Their acts of kindness were overwhelmingly powerful and meaningful to me. It was truly an honor to work at Hilltop Kitchen, I honestly can't say enough positive things. I have nothing but love for everyone at HK. 

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