Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week One of TEFL Classes

Talk about an abrupt schedule change. Today I actually said the words, "I can't, I have to finish my homework." I tell you, after graduation from a college that consumed most of my time with it's high demand for quizzes and papers and tests, I didn't think I'd be doing homework again in a long time.

But it's been overwhelmingly helpful. Just this first week I got a crash course in all the grammar information I've basically ever learned in my entire educational career, and I'm a fluent English speaker mind you. I most definitely google search by my side during the homework assignment.

As nerve wracking as teaching English in a foreign country is to me, my brain seems to be buzzing from all of this knew information I'm processing. After completing my work for the first week, my mind is so happy with me doing something new and stimulating! But that new job stress is definitely settling in more (I won't even get started on all the wacky dreams I've had about moving to Thailand). We all know that feeling when you start a new job, and you are absolutely petrified when you arrive for the first day, just praying you won't screw up. As high as the stress is, our bodies and minds are preparing us each day to do a little bit better and remember our mistakes, quite a few in my case. It only took me a couple weeks at my craft cocktail job to not screw up the table numbers at least once a day... small victories.

But that's what makes us all human, we have vast ups and downs, self doubt and reassurance, and we always make it through the day. That self confidence that arises once a challenge is locked down is what I'm ready for, because this adventure is going to be crazy.

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